The Sim

In 2269, Starfleet is touting the launch of their newest Constitution class heavy cruiser, U.S.S. Cygnus. Cygnus, like her sisters, is designed to seek out new life and civilizations outside the Federation’s borders. Cygnus though is given a different mission in the form of protecting border worlds along the boundaries of the Federation. What adventures await her? Will she run into the ever-present Klingon’s, who are still sore after their loss at Axanar? Will a first encounter experience lead to a new member of the Federation or a heated enemy? Only the future will tell for this new starship. Like any good starship though, she needs an able crew to see her through to her mission’s completion.

Cygnus is a relatively calm paced Sim in Pegasus Fleet, typically we want to have posts and responses within 24 hours of each other so if you get tagged, try your best to have a response within a day. Our missions should be action packed with unique challenges for players to test their Trek knowledge as well as their ingenuity. Our first and foremost goal on Cygnus though is to have fun and to pay tribute to the sci-fi juggernaut created by Gene Roddenberry that has been giving us amazing adventures for over 50 years.

The U.S.S. Cygnus is a 16+ Nova based sim operating within Pegasus Fleet. It is currently accepting players for the following positions:

All positions open with department heads starting at Lieutenants with JG's and Ensigns being assistants.

If you’re looking to write some top notch action with an active crew and a fast post turnover rate, drop on by and fill out an app. The Cygnus and her adventures await!

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